Eric J. Pepin

The Handbook of The Navigator

The Handbook of the Navigator

The Handbook of the Navigator breaks all the traditional rules regarding the paranormal, metaphysics and spiritual discovery. Eric J. Pepin effectively directs the reader into an altered state of consciousness. Experience a cascade of revelations regarding the mind, the universe and ultimately what we consider God to be.¬†Eric J .Pepin demonstrates how to directly plug into an empowering and limitless ‘force’ and reveals why some human beings are destined to seek it out.

If you have ever felt there was a s greater importance or meaning to your life, then read this book! The information literally creates a vibration of thought called ‘multi dimensional consciousness’. You will achieve this vibration from a series of thought patterns induced by the material in this book. It provides the missing link to your own personal revelation and awakening.

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If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies or the Matrix movies then you will love this book. It deals with “The Force” (what it really is and how to use it) and reality as we know it and how to access multiple dimensions. Personally it explained a lot of things that my Hindu texts could not.

I loved “Autobiography of a Yogi” and wanted to learn how the guy bent reality and used ESP but if you study Hinduism or ANY religion or philosophy, they don’t, won’t or CAN’T teach you any of that. The Handbook of the Navigator covers all that and more. It will wake up that little kid inside you that’s excited again because FINALLY someone has proved that the FORCE is real and you can use it, if you’ll do it. DO IT!



This is not enlightenment for $14.95 but…

This book is not the path to enlightenment for the cost of a book. It tries, with simple language, to point out that we all have to find the answers to big questions ourselves. We have to listen to our inner voice (called the “Navigator” in the book) to help us find our way along the path to greater spiritual understanding. The author also heavily relies on metaphors to get his point across. I have read the book three times over a period of 10 months.

Each time I have gained a greater appreciation of the knowledge contained in the book. Some of the knowledge can only be understood when the student is at a place of greater awareness. I disagree that the book is a sales pitch for an expensive course of CDs that Eric Pepin also sells at his website. Yes, Eric has other teachings available, but I believe the book stands alone as a tool to awaken people to start their own spiritual journey by whichever path they choose. I also believe that the path to higher consciousness does not come by reading books alone. A person must also do the work (meditation, reflection, lifestyle changes.

S. Pfaff